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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 14, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PST

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pets some love today. they'll spend $815 on their furry friends. to the bad. some people would sigh a florida high school banning valentines deliveries. administrators saying they don't want this hallmark holiday to distract the students from their education. finally the ugly. it's a horse of a different color. one farmer dying his cow pink for the holiday. his inspiration he says is his own valentine, his five-year-old daughter. >> it's time for your brew on this question of the day responses. earlier we were telling you about a fox news poll that found 28% of people say having the same political view as their valentine is very important. >> we asked you what do you think. here are some of your responses. mrs. johnson tweeting: it hasn't been too big a problem in our house as long as the debate stays
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respectful. >> josh gomez tweeted us, it's not that important to me as long as you love each other. love has no boundaries. >> sleepy 177 tweeted it is crucial we have the same political views. if not we would have different ways of thinking and it would never work. thank you to everyone who responded. we have seen high-profile couples where the one feels the one way and the other feels the other. and they have a great relationship. >> they dated for three months and still together after 45 years. >> that's a good valentine's day story. >> happy valentine's day to you and your family. "fox & friends" starts right now. >>gretchen: good morning. it's thursday, february 14. happy valentine's day if you're celebrating that today. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. let's start with a fox news alert. olympic hero under arrest charged with murder after his girlfriend was shot in the head. was it a valentine's day
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surprise gone wrong? details ahead. >>steve: president obama painted a pretty picture of our economy in his state of the union a couple of nights ago. but was he telling the truth? >> why do you keep lying to the american people? a castro-like speech last night, albeit in english, lie after lie. aisle tell you why you keep lying. because your record stinks. >>steve: that's harsh. more from mark levin. >>brian: have you met your perfect political match? a new fox poll says even in love politics do matter. sorry james carville and mary matalin. "fox & friends" starts right now. [music]
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♪ l is for the way you look at me ♪ >>steve: thank you very much wayne newton. 1-800-flowers are providing brian and i finally with some flowers for our special loved ones on this holiday of love. it's wayne newton. look in the corner. >>brian: is that before he hit puberty. >>steve: when he was singing danka shane, he was up there. >>gretchen: fox news alert. you've already ordered flowers for your wife? >>brian: i'm saying in the past. >>gretchen: this is always such a wonderful display for you guys because you can just take these home. >>steve: we're hoping our wives aren't watching right tphoeu because i think that one has my wife's name on
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it. not yet but it will in there three hours. thank you very much 1-8-00 flowers. don't forget your loved ones. it's valentine's day. >>gretchen: we have an unfortunate story to tell you about. an olympic hero charged with shooting his girlfriend dead. reports say oscar pecurious, may have thought the model girlfriend was an intruder. there are reports the 29-year-old was trying to surprise him for valentine's day. police in south africa are trying to interview him as we speak. the story is the first double amputee to compete in the olympics had been dating his girlfriend since last november. hours before the shooting she tweeted about how excited she was about valentine's day. the world's biggest airline a reality. a date to merge american
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airlines and u.s. airways was approved. the new company will still be called american airways but will be run by u.s. airways management. the new american will have more than 900 planes, 3,200 flights a day and # 5,000 employees -- and 95,000 employees. what does this mean for passengers? can you say higher prices for everyone? stick around because lauren simonetti from the fox business network will be here with all the brand-new details. they came face-to-face with chris dorner, the ex-cop accused of murdering four people. for the first time we're hearing from the couples he held hostage at gunpoint. karen and jim reynolds entered their cabin surprising dorner who was hiding out there. >> he came in. he had extension cords tied them around over our heads [inaudible] >> and i thought this is the end. >>gretchen: dorner left
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with their vehicles but the reynolds called 9 # -- 911 dorner was killed in another cabin. >> while 4,000 people are stranded at sea on a carnival cruise ship, here is the company c.e.o. at a miami heat game. passengers have been stuck on a ship since sunday. it is being called dismal conditions. the ship is expected to port today in mobile, alabama. >>brian: unless they go wrong. once they go wrong, they turn over. these people are getting free booze. >>gretchen: based on the stuff i'm reading, there couldn't be enough booze to keep you happy. >>steve: let's talk about this. remember during the campaign, the president's team really gave it to mitt romney because, you know, involving companies that took bailouts and he invested money in the cayman islands. wait a minute, that was then.
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because the president's new nominee for secretary of treasurer, jack lew, he was involved in a company that had a big corporate bailout and he too, jack lew invested in the cayman islands. tph-fbg, he invested -- in fact, he invested $56,000 of his money in a building that during the campaign barack obama referred to as the largest tax scam in the world. it was a little uncomfortable for mr. lew regarding that yesterday. >>brian: he was uncomfortable all day. he had no answers to any questions. controversial statements in 2011 about not raising the debt and of course it's gone through the roof. then this problem with the cayman islands account which of course he's not responsible for. have you ever seen more people not responsible for things that they are responsible for, except for washington? especially this guy. can you imagine having $56,000 in a cayman islands account? i don't really do that. really? it actually got worse because he was chief of staff during the time in which benghazi went down on
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9/11/2011. >>gretchen: the big question is what did the president know and when and how did he react and what was his leadership at that time. here's the exchange on benghazi. >> who was actually briefing the president? were you? >> i was not. i was in the room when the president was briefed but i was not briefing the president. >> okay. because john brennan testified yesterday that it wasn't him. secretary panetta said it wasn't him. in hearings, the acting d.c.i. mike morell said it wasn't him. ambassador kennedy said it wasn't him and the f.b.i. said it wasn't them. we've eliminated a lot of people who had contacts within the intelligence community that knew firsthand what was going on in benghazi. let me ask you again: who briefed the president on actually what was happening throughout this seven-hour period? who was your primary point of contact in the intelligence community? >> as chief of staff, i
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didn't usually reach out directly to the intelligence community. i worked through the national security staff. >> was there anybody from the intelligence community in that briefing session on a continual basis to your knowledge? >> the intelligence community was in close touch with the white house, with the national security team on a near constant basis. >>steve: it's pretty clear nobody was briefing the president of the united states. it was -- keep in mind it was a couple of months before the election, and clearly the picture we are getting right now as they try to connect the dots is the president's -- his priority at that point was a campaign event and getting reelected. >>brian: we've got to add one other thing. during the meltdown in 2008, he was at city bank at which time the president said how could you take bonuses after you take a bailout from the american people? he got a bonus for helping tank the company -- >>steve: for a company that got a bailout. >>brian: you know what
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his answer was? everyone is getting them. this is the issue the president was apoplectic about a couple of years ago, talking about the fat cats on wall street? >>steve: despite all the uncomfortableness yesterday for mr. lew, he will be confirmed. >>gretchen: tuesday night the president gave his state of the union. last night mark levin gave his own state of the union. it was a little different than what the president was talking about. he says the country is in a lit -- little bit more of a dire state. >> i would say why do you keep lying to the american people? a castro-like speech albeit in english, lie after lie. i'll tell you why you keep lying. your record stinks. real unemployment is almost 15%. you didn't say any of this in your long speech last night. one in every four families affected by unemployment. 8.5 million people left the
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workforce, the lowest since 1948. one in six people live in poverty. median family income has dropped by 5%. meanwhile the members of congress are jumping up like clapping seals applauding all this. gasoline prices, the highest on record for any february 13. the economy actually shrank. nearly 25 cents of every dollar produced in our economy is taken by the federal government. he didn't say any of this. he didn't say any of this because it's embarrassing. it's a disaster. >>brian: he's got 52% approval rating but 54% of the people say they're on the wrong track. it is how you describe your family. the american public likes him personally and they factor in what can you do about it? we like him and we're going to take the job performance away from the likeability. >>steve: most republicans -- >>brian: it's almost as if what can you do? he's our president and i like him personally, so i'm not going to hold him
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responsible for the food stamps and unemployment, the lack of economic growth or diminishing standing around the world, the shrinking of our military. >>gretchen: we talked about how the polls even before the election seemed to say, the most recent one ing probleming, 83% think in the country. yet to listen to the state of the union it was about more spending. there is this disconnect, cognitive distance, family relations, whatever you want to call it. >>steve: the fact that the president was pushing a very liberal laundry list of things he wants to see done. yet when you look at a lot of them, not even his own party is going to vote for that stuff. in fact, a number of republicans came out yesterday and said we don't see many of the things he said last night, meaning tuesday night, getting passed. as for you, are you interested in what the president of the united states had to say? this state of the union address was the lowest rated since 2000. the good news is, number one, cable channel for it
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was fox news channel. and for that, we all thank you. >>brian: is there anybody else in the democratic party except the president? you don't see anybody stand up. there is no john mccain on the left coming out and saying this is where i agree with the president, where i don't agree with the president. there is only one guy. >>steve: they have got everybody on a leash. >>gretchen: on "fox & friends" our government gave them $150 million, taxpayer dollars to make batteries. the only problem is they didn't make one single battery. stuart varney on what they did instead. >>brian: our dancers are paving the way for the "sports illustrated" "sports illustrated" edition. oh! progress-oh!
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>> the workers at this plant are already slated to produce batteries for the new chevy volt. so when you buy one of these vehicles, the battery could be stamped "made in america." >>steve: that would have been great. that was president obama back in 2010 when the stimulus-funded lg-10 battery plant broke ground in michigan. fast food to today and the $142 million in taxpayer money produced zero batteries. zero. instead workers at the plant admitted to spending their time doing, among other things, playing video games. with more on how we're wisely spending our money here in this country, here's stuart. >> you've got to shake your head. this government-supported green energy project is turning into an absolute fiasco. solyndra, beacon power, a-123 batteries and now michigan. as you pointed out they got
3:18 am
$150 million from us -- taxpayer money -- plus another $175 million in state funds, state tax subsidies. they haven't produced a single battery. and the order of the general has taken a look at the company and found they were paying workers to watch video games, paying workers to work outside the factory in animal shelters. >>steve: they didn't produce batteries, so they had to do something. they had to watch television or watch a video or volunteer for something. >> grossly, inefficient, bad management. case closed. this is a south korean company. >>steve: there you hit on something. we gave how many dollars to a south korean company to make batteries in michigan? why debate -- didn't we give money to a michigan company to make batteries in michigan? >> it was government that made the decision and government makes lousy decisions when it comes to
3:19 am
running a business. where do we get volt batteries from? south korea. we paid to get them from michigan. we don't get them from michigan. we get them from south korea. >>steve: we understand the federal government has been respwursed by the -- reimbursed by the company for some of the goofing off money. >> the goofing off which occurred, they volunteered to work in animal shelters. the company will reimburse the taxpayer $840,000. that's it. >>steve: you're working at a battery company and you're getting paid to volunteer at an animal shelter? >> yes. how do i follow that? it's a fiasco, steve. a total fiasco. it's our money and it is a disgrace and it is a fiasco. >>steve: suitor varney, i've got a feeling -- stuart varney. i've got a feeling 3 hours and 2 minutes from now you're going to be talking about this.
3:20 am
straight ahead on this thursday morning, so much for freedom of speech. just talking about fracking can get you sued in one city. we'll tell you where. do you believe in love at first sight or do you think it 0's a -- do you think it's a farce? dr. marc siegel is here to separate fact from friction. >> what's going on with joe biden's glasses during the speech? did you see that? it was really distracting. take a look. >> end counterterrorism efforts >> that is not bad. watch what he does here. [laughter] >> slow our recovery and cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. >> what was that? the rhythm of life.
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>>steve: while you were sleeping general john allen was pushed out the door. according to the white house sources, allen will retire rather than be renominated for the post of nato supreme commander. officials reportedly pushing him aside rather than face the embarrassing issue of e-mail conversations with socialite jill kelly. it's a real fracking mess. two environmental groups are suing the town of sanford, new york, for not allowing discussion about fracking at a board meeting. the board decided in september it thoroughly heard both sides of the issue. the groups say it violates their free speech. it kind of sounds like it does. brian?
3:25 am
>>brian: it's valentine's day and we're covering some medical myths and non-myths. first, love at first sight. it works for this on-screen couple. >> you're annie? >> this is my dad. his name is sam. >> hi, jonas. >>gretchen: is that just movie magic or does love at first sight really exist? let's ask fox news medical a team dr. marc siegel. i know you picked out that movie clip. does it exist or not? >> who doesn't like that movie clip. i'm so glad to report that is a fact. you can have love at first sight. there is actually a study out just this year in the
3:26 am
journal of neuroscience that shows that the front part of the brain within the first second will identify something in the other person. there is something called pheromes in our sweat that make us attracted by odor to each other. there are hormones in the brain which say "i want a date with brian." >>brian: that's normal and america has responded. dr. siegel, i talked to a woman yesterday which says the body, men and women want to procreate by nature. and if you see somebody and nature thinks you should have kids with them, they're actually drawing you together. >> actually true, within the first couple of seconds. it didn't work with me and my wife right away. you guys probably told me you didn't really have love at first sight. you didn't have love at first sight with casey.
3:27 am
>>gretchen: that was not necessarily for the broadcast. i love you, honey. happy valentine's day. suddenly this segment is taking a totally different turn. >>brian: let's talk chocolate. is it an aphrodisiac or just make you break out? >> that is fiction. it is a myth. chocolate cannot make you break out. what chocolate can do if you eat a lot over a period of time is it can give you acne. too much sugar, too much oil. you can have your hearts today. they will not give you rashes. >>gretchen: what about oysters. there are five foods on the entire planet i do not like. oysters, one of them. is that good or bad? >> i have good news. that is fiction. cass nova had about 50 of them a day thinking they work. they do have zinc which increases testosterone but that takes month. they are not a proven aphrodisiac. >>brian: true or false?
3:28 am
can you die of a broken heart 124 >> that surprisingly, brian, is a fact. it is rare, but if someone jilts you and you're in big trouble. you can literally have such a big outpouring of stress hormones, adrenaline, that your heart shuts down and you go into heart failure. do not worry. it is not going to happen today. you're going to have a great valentine's day. you're going to get hearts and have a nice dinner. it has happened rarely. there was a study in the "new england journal of medicine" of 19 people that had sudden heart failure from this. >>gretchen: everyone's going to have a nice valentine's day except for me now because you just -- i hope he's still sleeping. >> he is a great husband. he loves you. >>brian: how much research did you do on her? it's unbelievable. >>gretchen: we met on a blind date and it was love at first sight on the third date. >>brian: manti te'o called. he fell in love with somebody who doesn't exist at all.
3:29 am
>>gretchen: i feel like i'm in psycho analysis. you know what -- [laughter] coming up, more trouble in camelot. two kennedies cuffed? what happened? why they were busted at the white house. first, happy birth to rob thomas. thomas. he's 41. [ dylan ] this is one way to keep your underwear clean. this is another! ta-daa! try charmin ultra strong. it cleans so well and you can use up to four times less than the leading value brand. oh! there it is. thanks son. hey! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong has a duraclean texture that can help you get clean while still using less. and it's four times stronger versus the leading value brand.
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investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. >>brian: they're open 24 hours a day. oftentimes there's not enough hours in a day for you to shop. why not stop at a dunkin' donuts and walk out with your gift that has an expiration date. >>steve: today dunkin' donuts has two features. cupid's choice and brownie bat ter, chocolate frosting and brownie batter inside.
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>>brian: that sounds fantastic. janice, if you come home with just a dunkin' donuts brand-new heart-shaped cake, is that enough? >> my husband and i are at the point where valentine's day is kind of another day. i hate to say that. you know what? every day is valentine's day for us. that's why. did i save myself? >>gretchen: you and i are both on the hot seat today. >> i was tweeting earlier. last night my husband and i stayed up because our two-year-old was really sick. i looked at him and i went happy valentine's day, honey. he was like i love you too. can we go to sleep now? that's what it's all about. you've got to stick together when you're in a good relationship. but thankfully you guys are helping me out because i need a little boost this morning. and look at what we've got here. we've got beautiful doughnuts, beautiful personalized cakes as well from not only dunkin' donuts bus we've got baskin robbins here. $14.# -- $14.99, you can
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personalize that cake. >>brian: you're working at dunk hyun -- at dunkin' donuts. it's hard enough you have to serve doughnuts and then you have somebody who says can i have a smoothie. then all of a sudden you've got to change hats and go to the other side. shouldn't they have someone working on the other side? >>gretchen: why are you asking me that? >>steve: the great thing about dunkin' donuts, in addition to the finest coffee of any store you can buy, they'll do it all for you. they'll ask you exactly how you want it. you want how much sugar, how much milk because they don't have that station. >>gretchen: we're going to check back with you for the weather later on. >> the valentine's day forecast is coming up for all the lovebird out there.
3:36 am
>>gretchen: talk about politics and love because on this valentine's day how much will politics play into your love life? will it help you find true love? what about if you're already in love, is it important that your valentine shares your political views? i love this question. let's see what you said. 28% back two years ago. last year 21%. >>brian: you should be very aligned or somewhat aligned. what about the people -- it doesn't matter, i love them despite the fact they're all wrong when it comes to politics. >>steve: not so much. take a look at the graphic and you can see right here is it important your valentine share your political view, everybody -- 55% of people say yes. 45% no. with guys about half. it is more important, however, to women by almost 60% that the husband has the same political views as
3:37 am
she does. >>brian: by the way, if you are married to somebody who has the exact opposite political views -- >>steve: talking about the carvilles, >>brian: right. do what most people do. never bring it up. you're better off never talking about it. those couples that don't agree on politics, the minute you go there, they're like let's not bring that up. >>gretchen: they always tell you not to talk about politics when you go to a dinner party. can you imagine being married to somebody that you disagree with. my grandparents completely disagreed with each other politically. i remember growing up saying why do you go vote -- before i understood the value of a vote -- because they cancel each other out all the time. it is interesting people get along with completely opposite opinions. >>brian: remember i brought this up before, remember when mr. cunningham and ritchie were on opposite sides.
3:38 am
when ritchie was for adlai stevenson. in the end it broke them closer. >>steve: mr. bosley picked the winner. >>brian: because there was no president stevenson. if fonzi got behind stevenson it would have been a different deal. >>steve: according to your party, what are the programs most important to you. what republican policy do you want to change? as you can see, 23% of you want to change the way we spend government money. what's interesting about the democrats is the list is almost identical. >>gretchen: 21% say government spending is what they want to change. 14% health care, 12% gay marriage, and 10% taxes. >>brian: all those things were on both lists except
3:39 am
republicans would like to change abortion and the democrats would like to change guns. let me tell you what happened on the news while we were talking to each other. >>gretchen: trouble in camelot as two kennedys have been arrested. environmental activist connor kennedy getting handcuffed by police in washington, d.c. he was arrested along with his dad after they tied himself to a gate outside the white house. they were protesting a keystone pipeline. >>steve: is he the one who was dating taylor swift? >>brian: the u.s. troops that launched those deadly drones that have been center of controversy in recent weeks will be eligible for a military medal. it will be awarded to individuals for -- quote -- "extraordinary achievement related to military operations that occurred after 9/11, the terrorist attacks." unlike other combat medals, recipients do not have to risk their lives to get it.
3:40 am
leon panetta says those troops still have a direct impact on combat operations even if they are not on the battle grounds. >>steve: one of the nation's unions set to announce today it is joining forces with the american federation of teachers. the nurses are joining the teachers. national federation of nurses believe the move will give them more money and political clout as they try to mobilize and unionize more members. >>gretchen: he won jeopardy's tournament with the best final answer in the show's history. 17-year-old leonard cooper of little rock, arkansas, was in the lead but he didn't know the correct answer. he still gave a hilarious response and won $75,000, his total earnings after two days. >> now we go to leonard cooper. he's looking pretty happy. why? did he come up with why david eisenhower? you didn't. >> some guy in norfolk, but i just won $75,000.
3:41 am
some guy in normandy. >>brian: that was coolidge. >>gretchen: for valentine's day you get to do sports. >>brian: sports time, money, money, money and more money. mariner's ace pitcher felix hernandez seeing nothing but green today. he has officially signed the biggest contract ever given to a pitcher. he's going to make $175 million over seven years, all of it guaranteed. after five people wonder why we sign a contract that long. an awes tailan -- an australian runner getting a spot in sports illustrated magazine thanks to a prerun routine. that video landed her in the famous issue of sports illustrated. this is the video as she prepares to be on the page of the magazine.
3:42 am
by the way, that was her. talking a little bit. kate upton, back-to-back cover of sports illustrate swimsuit issue. she'll be here live. >>steve: that's how you're able to rationalize putting girls in bikinis into sports. >>brian: there isn't much going on right now. that is the focus, the swimsuit issue. kate upton was in antarctica to do this cover. >>gretchen: can you believe the guys are experts on this particular topic. >>steve: straight head on this thursday morning, the world's biggest airline now a reality. what does that mean for fliers? lauren simonetti is here with details. >>gretchen: one man giving away $1,000 a day, and it's all his own cash.
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3:46 am
♪one smile that cheers you ♪one face that lights when it nears you.♪ ♪and you will be happy too. >>gretchen: do you think you have what it takes to change the world? you just might get your shot. one entrepreneur is giving away $1,000 every day for an entire year. all the money goes to projects that will make our world a better place. he is the founder of the pollination project and he is my guest this morning. good morning. >> thanks for having me on your show. >> why are you doing this? >> we all have a unique contribution we can make to this girl, and i happen to have financial resources. i've just come across so many people who are doing great work in the world and i wanted to find a way to
3:47 am
support them. >>gretchen: you are giving away $1,000 a day at least for a year. so far these are some of the people that have received your money. let's start with melody moore. what is she doing to make the world a better place? >> melody is a clinical psychologist. she founded the inner beauty project along with seven of her courageous clients. she works with people who have -- young women especially -- who have eating disorders. they're helping -- she's helping to move beyond these eating disorders. these women wanted to create a program where they go into schools and they help prevent this problem from arising. people learn their own inner value, their own inner beauty aside from having to look like they're on the cover of cosmopolitan magazine. they learn healthy relations to food and their own spirit. there are remarkable people out there who are learning how to take their gifts, even their challenges, and making a contribution elsewhere.
3:48 am
>>gretchen: that sounds fantastic. let's talk about hashim abushma. >> he and volunteers cofounded a group. he lives in the palestinian territories. he noticed this area, in his own words, was very dirty and not well taken care of. he wanted to help clean it up. we help fund him by providing trash bins and art supplies. him and his volunteers are going to help clean up the area, leave trash cans available for people to throw away their trash and paint murals on the walls, as well as help educate some of the youth around there and how they can take care of their community. >>gretchen: we have oscar medina. what was he doing? >> he came to us through our partnership of green for all. oscar lives on the south side of tucson where there's a lot of young men who don't have many job skills and there's not many opportunities to get training for jobs. he saw this great opportunity in the future
3:49 am
of the green economy to provide skills by teaching people how to create organic foods, learn about agriculture, irrigation, grow their own food so they can eat healthy in their community and also potentially work on farms. >>gretchen: if people want to learn whether or not they can be eligible for this $1,000 a day, what do they need to do? >> go to our website, the it lays down our criteria for who we fund. we are focused on funding individuals, not so much organizations. we believe that each individual has a unique gift or privilege or skill set, a talent where they can make a difference in the world and we want to help fund those people to put back that -- create more meaning and contribution in their lives and make a contribution to the community around them. >>gretchen: what an amazing idea. they can't turn a profit. they just have to make a difference in the world. ari nessel producer and
3:50 am
founder of the pollination project. let's go to steve. >>steve: the world's biggest airline a reality. u.s. airways sealed the $11 billion deal to acquire american airlines. what does that mean for passengers? joining us right now, lauren simonetti from the fox business network. >> good morning. we have to wait for this deal to go through. that could take up to a year because bankruptcy court for american airlines has to approve it as do antitrust regulators in the u.s. essentially this brings the number of domestic carriers down to just four. when you have less competition, you've got to think prices are probably going to go up; right? and some people are concerned about that. but there is a recent pricewaterhouse coopers survey that shows between the years 2004 and 2011 -- when all the mergers happened, delta, northwest, united continental -- air fare went down on average by 1%. prices might go up a little bit where there's
3:51 am
consolidation but maybe not as much as we think. >>steve: what about frequent flier miles? >> it should be okay. essentially they're probably going to ph-rpblg the two systems of -- merge the two systems of frequent flier miles. you've got to check that all your miles add up. >>steve: what if you booked a ticket on, let's say, american going forward are they going to continue to operate under their colors, their name? do we know the name of it? >> american. i like to call this the new airline couple alert on valentine's day. the american and u.s. airway merger will be the american name. it's more iconic. it is the bigger airline. your air fare for the future should go through. >>steve: lauren simonetti, thank you very much. have a great valentine's day. that's why she's wearing red. coming up, he was the man who killed osama bin laden. but now he doesn't get any benefits from the government. so he took his message to
3:52 am
capitol hill in person. will lawmakers respond? we're going to talk about that. and president obama rolling out an executive order on cyber security. but is this just a federal takeover of the internet? judge napolitano doesn't like any federal takeovers. he's next. ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it.
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3:55 am
>>brian: president obama bypassed congress this week in issuing a new executive order that says he will protect the nation against future cyber attacks. what exactly does that entail and does it go too far? let's ask fox news judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. >> you should tell everybody why we're laughing because we talked about this during the
3:56 am
break. you know i think it goes too far. >>brian: you know hacking on cyber security is a major issue. >> yes, i do know. here's how i see this. the internet as we understand it today is the freest marketplace of ideas that that we have known. you can say whatever you want, how you want. the government can't regulate you. the government can't punish you and you don't need the government's permission. that's terrific. because if the government enters in this, soon you will need their permission. they will punish you. they will restrict you. and they will know what's going on. and your freedom of expression will shrink because you'll say my god, do i want to say that when the government is watching. those crazy e-mails you send me every afternoon, do you want the government watching? >>brian: the government will provide life lock for the pentagon, which we offer now is some kind of protection because we don't want all our secret cables to be exposed by idiots
3:57 am
like the one we just had -- >> that's different from what the president did the other day. the government has an obligation to protect the pentagon. the government does not have an obligation to protect you or fox news or me or "the new york times." so what's the government going to do? the government is going to share information with major internet providers. and pretty soon it's going to say to the internet providers, all that information we gave you about us, we now want information about you. we want to know about kilmeade's e-mails. we're worried about him. we want to know who he's pha*eulg -- e-mailing so we can keep him safe. baloney. protect the government, but leave the rest of us with privacy. if you're going to interfere with the internet, should it be done by the command of one person -- the president -- or should it be done after great national debate and the congress? >>gretchen: what happened with -- >>brian: what happened with quest communications?
3:58 am
>> the c.e.o. ended up in jail. >>brian: that's what you're worried about. judge napolitano, thank you so much. senator john mccain is just as upset as you. on this show, ice against them, how our government is handcuffing our border agents. they were outnumbered. taliban fighters have been pinned down and despite taking shrapnel to his neck, he refused to give up his post to the enemy. american hero and medal of honor recipient. he's here living and joining us at the top of joining us at the top of the hour. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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4:02 am
man under arrest. girlfriend shot dead. >> brian: and osama bin laden is dead. but the day after he left the military, he got zero from the government. he went to capitol hill in person on behalf his seal comrades. will the lawmakers listen? did they listen? >> steve: under attack by 300 taliban fighters. what would you do? meet the american hero who refused to give up. that man right there. he's live on our show shortly. you're watching "fox & friends" hour two for thursday starts right now. ♪ baby i need your loving ♪ got to have all your loving ♪ . >> gretchen: it's michael mcdonald, one of my favorite
4:03 am
singers. thank you for playing that. >> steve: the sound guy. it's the most romantic day of the year and our friends at 1-800 flowers have provided flowers. >> gretchen: after our last segment, i may have to bring home every single flower here. we hope you're gonna have a fantastic valentine's day. if you're looking for love, we have some segments coming up that will help you possibly find it. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: if you already are happily in a relationship, then stick around 'cause we have a lot of news. >> steve: plus some advice on if you're in a relationship, how to keep the love alive because believe it or not, it's a startling statistic, one of the two genders actually lies to their spouses about money in a significant way. we'll figure out how you can solve that at your house on this very romantic edition of "fox & friends."
4:04 am
>> gretchen: we begin with a developing story overnight. olympic hero charged now with murder. accused of shooting his girlfriend dead. reports say oscar pestorias was an endured. there are reports she was trying to surprise him for valentine's day. police in south africa are interviewing him as we speak. the first double amputee to compete in the olympics was dating his girlfriend since last november. hours before, she tweeted how excited she was about valentine's day. according to white house sources, john alan will retire rather than be renominated for the post of nato supreme commander. officials reportedly pushing him aside rather than face basing issue of his e-mails with jill kelly and the petraeus scorneddal. a new picture, while 4,000 people spend another day on a carnival cruise ship, here is the ceo at a miami heat game. passengers were stuck since
4:05 am
sunday with limited water, food and working bathrooms. the ship is expected to arrive today, then the passengers can look forward to a two-hour bus ride to texas where they got on the ship. marco rubio's water bottle incident during the gop response to the state of the union really taking a life of its own now. look at the new marco rubio water bottle. his political action committee, reclaim america, is offering a one if you donate 25 bucks or more on-line. he was on "fox & friends" yesterday making light of his dry mouth moment. >> my mouth got dry, what can i say? i was happy with the -- what we were able to say in the speech. >> steve: you tweeted a picture of the empty water bottle. >> i brought some with me now, by the way, in case we need it. >> steve: this will be a five minute interview. would you like a swig before we got started? >> sure. absolutely. >> steve: very nice. >> gretchen: senator rubio also says he gained 13,000 followers
4:06 am
on twitter after the water bottle incident. >> steve: although some -- i saw on cnn, a graphic that said was that a career ender? how could you think that? of course it's not a career ender. they're doing anything they can to diminish him. they think that's going to do it. watergate. >> gretchen: what precipitated that response, which was the president's state of the union address, which was on tuesday night. some people are saying hey, there is a lot of talk about spending or investment, which was the word that he used. a lot of talk about regulations as well. somebody who did not like the speech, mark levine. >> brian: how do you know? >> gretchen: i heard what his response was to it and we're about to let everyone else hear what his response was to it. >> this president has unleashed so many attacks on our system, on our society and it's obviously quite intentional. that's what he means by fundamentally transforming i fear the issue is what do we
4:07 am
do about it? it's we dig in and we fight him every step of the way. whatever he wants, he doesn't get. when he violates the separation of powers doctrine and starts legislating by fiat, we go into court. if we lose in court, we take him to court on another matter. we have got to use the political brass knuckles. we have to slow him down because this man is in a hurry. he doesn't like the constitutional system. he doesn't like separation of powers. he doesn't like checks and balances. so we have to do everything we can politically, legally to slow him down. >> brian: allall right. he wants to fight every step of the way. i think john boehner was saying, let's pick our fights. so they both have two different tactics. levin is passionate. he talked about this yesterday, the shooter talked to phil and esquire, the shooter who put the head in osama bin laden.
4:08 am
he talked about what life has been like since he got out of the military shy of 20 years. he doesn't get a pension and didn't think he was eligible for benefits. at a process when you do apply, you have to wait six months at minimum to get them. but you get five years. he went to capitol hill yesterday with phil brokenstein and he went there to say this is the deal with all my seal friends. this is what we're dealing with. almost none of us can do the 20. >> steve: esquire magazine ran the article about the guy who shot bin laiden laiden and gettg screwed by the government. they met with nine very senior lawmakers and apparently the lawmakers were very receptive to his mental. they understand the special needs of the special operators and seemed eager to do something for them. he made it very clear, the shooter did, who showed up on capitol hill the same day as the state of the union address. he made it very clear, it's not about him. it's about his colleagues who are still in the service or who are about to retire. what are they going to do going
4:09 am
forward? >> brian: he's like living right now with his family and his kids. they are not insured and he needs another job. >> gretchen: it's problematic for him specifically because he doesn't really want to be outed as the guy for various reasons, like al-qaeda, as the guy who took down osama bin laden. so is there even kind of a witness protection program this these people could go into? apparently one not set up currently for these type of navy seals. the guy who exposed this article, lengthy article on this, he was on our show on tuesday. he describes what many of the people in the military service are going through when they get out. >> these guys are not jason bourn. they're tough. they're resilient. resourceful. they're all sorts of things. but really they're often portrayed as super human as opposed to human with great skills. so i wanted to portray, through this guy, this group of people, this group of guys who do these extraordinary things that they're asked to do by the
4:10 am
government, by all of us, to keep us safe and secure, and at the same time, talk about what they're not getting, kind of support they're not getting both from the government, frankly, and the private sector. he did not get health care. he certainly didn't get health care that covered his family. he certainly didn't get a pension. he certainly didn't get protection that these guys feel might be appropriate. >> steve: one of the shooter's problems is because of the special requirements of the special operators, for instance, he was out on missions 120 nights in a row wearing the heavy night vision goggles. it's caused all sorts of trouble with his neck. and so what he did at every one of the nine lawmakers' stops that he made on tuesday was he had a three-tier proposal on how to compensate the special operators going forward. one of the -- part of his proposal was a tiered pension plan that would begin after five years of duty and varying depending on the base pay and the length of service. keep in mind, he was in for 16
4:11 am
years. his body simply couldn't take more. so he retired before the 20 years. >> gretchen: i think it's fascinating to have this discussion on capitol hill right now, at the same time we're having the discussion about sequestration, which is billions of dollars in -- or millions in pentagon cuts. so on one hand we're discussing cutting the military dramatically and on the other hand, we have these navy seals who have gone to capitol hill saying we need more help. it's very interesting to see how politicians and members of congress will figure out this problem. >> steve: one of the things the politicians were curious about was his reaction to the movie, "zero dark thirty." and he was for the most part, quite complimentary, but he did say one thing about it, the quality and the quantity of the seals' tattoos in the film, not up to his standards. >> brian: right. there is way too much talking during the mission. he said they talked very little. but everyone is making movie except those who did the job. meanwhile, so much for civility.
4:12 am
>> steve: must be sweeps. >> brian: i thought that was hannity and colmes. lawmakers start punching each other out on live tv in georgia. >> gretchen: under attack by 300 taliban fighters. what would you do? meet the american hero who refused to give up oh! progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on facebook.
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4:16 am
serving in afghanistan. that's when he and 50 other soldier were attacked by the taliban. outnumbered and under fire, he helped lead his come raids against the enemy, killing three dozen combatants and saving many of his own men. sound extraordinary? it was. on monday he was honored for his heroic actions with the medal of honor. with us right now is the staff sergeant, joins us now live in studio. what was it like? >> it was a whirlwind of emotions and just a great experience to be there and share it with a great group of guys that were there fighting with me to see the family, embrace them one more time, to share the whole experience with all the family and friends. >> brian: how often do you think about the battle that was recognized at the white house? >> there is not a day goes by that i don't reflect on it, but i always remember the good times we had, the practical jokes we played, you know.
4:17 am
watching your battle buddies step up and do their job. >> brian: why is it at times in which the average person would turn the other way, you went into the fire and helping retrieve those who have already lost their life, as well as fighting back? >> the commitment to duty that so many soldiers have, you know, it's our job. it's what we signed up for. the brotherly love to know your battle buddy has your back like he's got yours. >> brian: your whole family has a military tradition. >> yes. my grandfather was a world war ii vet. landed in normandy almost two days after d-day. my father, vietnam vet, did two tours in vietnam. my oldest brother, he's in the air force. my second oldest brother, marine corps. and then just little old me. >> brian: ho did so much. this battle comes out. you take on 300 taliban, which we know have been much different than the one we were fighting if 2001. by the time 2009, eight years of
4:18 am
training in pakistan, so they've become master guerrilla fighters. you're taking them on directly. when did you find out that that battle was chronicled, that people found out about it and the white house wanted to recognize it? >> shortly thereafter, we know it kind of hit the news, but to refocus the guys on hey, we still got nine months here, of that just one moment in time. we still got a job to do and then it wasn't 'til late last year that i had gotten the phone call that i would be awarded the medal of honor. >> brian: only the fourth living recipient. when you look at those who served before, who have gotten this before what, are your thoughts? >> great heros before me that at times i can't see myself in the same group of guys, but i'm so honored that so many people think that i deserve it. but there are so many other heros, there are so many guys that were there that day that were heros in their own right.
4:19 am
i want to applaud those guys for being the everyday soldiers, they're heros. i really appreciate the american public and the families back home that support us every day. >> brian: talk about your family back home. they had a chance to come down and see that. you have a wife and three kids. they were there at the white house. what kind of sacrifices have they made while you served? >> they've done so much for me. my wife, tammy, yesterday was our -- the day of the ceremony was our 13th wedding anniversary. for her to take care of stuff back home while i was overseas really helped me focus on the mission at hand. that rock, that support, you know, was just so amazing that i could lean on her and the military spouses that are there doing that for soldiers every day. i can't appreciate them enough. >> brian: you are a disciplined person. you're a grandfather, father, military. your brother still serving.
4:20 am
how do you explain collin's actions. your young son at two years old, he was out of control, running up on the stage. he actually stole the show. >> i've been trying to bribe some of my other battle buddies that were there with me, hard core combat vets to, hey, kind of take some of this spotlight off me. it took a two-year-old to step up to the plate. just be so innocent and so playful, that was really beautiful. >> brian: so he's two years old, he's up there. they found a suit to fit him. he thinks he -- he feels like he's at home. >> brian: yeah. he's being a kid. >> brian: so for you now, you're out, staff sergeant. you're home. what's next for you? >> working up in north dakota, taking advantage of the booming oil field industry up there. i'm work for a great company that has really taken me from being an nco in the military and i've directly stepped into a role in the safety department for them that is exactly the
4:21 am
same thing i'm doing, you know, policies and procedures, you know, enforcing standards and regulations, spot checking guys. so it's just a great experience and transition into that. >> brian: it's good that north dakota, i think it's minus 1% unemployment? >> yeah. >> brian: with the fracking going on. >> it's pretty booming there. >> brian: amazing. staff sergeant, thanks so much for joining us. congratulations on the medal of honor and everything you represent. >> thank you. >> brian: great meeting you. and collin could run around our studio any time. 19 minutes after the hour. coming up, it's a terrifying reality, there is a new stars-like virus that may be spreading from person to person. we'll fill you in. then the new die hard movie getting a lot of buzz. >> i guess you've done this before. >> don't encourage it. >> brian: is it worth the price of admission? find out next. [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby.
4:22 am
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>> gretchen: quick headlines for you. first it was salt and soda. now mayor bloomberg in new york wants to regulate styrofoam. the new york city mayor is expected to use his last state of the city address tonight to ban styrofoam food packaging. he says it's nearly impossible to recycle. the judge granting actress alisyn houston began a restraining order against a man she says repeatedly threatened her and her family on-line of the it requires him to stay 100 yards away from the "how i met your mother" star. he was recently leased from a mental hospital. >> steve: we have a long weekend ahead of us. so which new movies should we go
4:26 am
see and which ones should you skip and save your money? >> brian: here with us with three films previews is kevin mccarthy, the founder of fox news contributor. >> happy valentine's day. what's better than a die hard movie? >> steve: exactly. >> gretchen: exactly what my husband said to me. >> exactly. >> steve: tell us about the latest bruce willis thriller "a good day to die hard." >> this is the 25th anniversary of the original die hard from 1988. this is the fifth in a series. the problem with the fourth one was that it was pg-13. so you couldn't even say the famous yippy kiyay line. they had to cover it up with a gunshot. now we're in the r rated version w. get the famous lines, which i felt was a little bit forced and a little bit tired. but the action is what sells this movie. we're dealing with john mcclain and his son this time around. they're in russia and the action is like 50 minutes of the movie. that sells it. the problem is the bad guys.
4:27 am
the first die hard and the third one had alan rickman and jeremy irons. those villains kept the movie afloat when it was not during action sequences. this one lacks a bad guy, which is great. so i gave it a three out of five. i stay say it's a good matinee. not the best die hard, but not the worst. "die hard 2" was terrible. interestingly enough, 18 years ago, i started collecting movie ticket stubs and the first stub i ever collected was "die hard 3". >> steve: three bucks to see the movie. >> three dollars. for some crazy reason, i booked bruce will police and jeremy irons, the bad guys from "die hard 3" on the same weekend. so i had to present them the stub and here is the video of their reaction. >> i saved my ticket stub. i want to show it to you. >> that's fantastic. >> look at the price of the ticket. three dollars back then. >> wow. that's the first stub i ever
4:28 am
collected. >> look at that. >> i was like if i ever meet jeremy, i have to show it to him. >> steve: he probably thought you were a stalker. >> yeah. 18 years. >> gretchen: 18 years ago? >> yeah. >> brian: did you get him to sign it? >> i just wanted bruce willis to hold it. i still are it in my wallet. >> steve: speak of jeremy irons, he's in "beautiful creatures." another movie you're talking about today. >> yeah. we talked about this a couple weeks ago. this is another supernatural romance. a human being, this time fall not guilty love with a witch and her powers are going to be either dark or light and that affects their romance. this is the well written, well acted film. i felt it was unique and interesting. emma thompson and emmy ross a.m. and jeremy irons is incredible in the film. the interesting thing is i gave it a three out of five because the pacing issues were a little off. but the director used practical effects as opposed to using
4:29 am
sequences. emmy rossam told me about where they were spinning around while shooting the movie. this is cool. >> the set was set in different pieces that would spin in different ways. the actors were harnessed down to poles in the floor to hold us in place on the individual things that would spin. so at the same time as taking dramamine for sea sickness and trying to act in six inch heels, we were spinning and shaking. >> gretchen: okay. >> spinning around. how do they do that? >> brian: the top of the line is still "bewitched." that was the best witch ever. >> gretchen: i agree. let's do some space haven. this has -- isn't that jewel jean huff? >> yes. the first seven made over $650 million combined. this is julianne huff, showed up in a town.
4:30 am
their love progresses. but the dark past follows her there. this is not the best nicholas sparks. that belongs to "the notebook." but the thriller element is what really sells it. the romance takes a back seat. the thriller is what really sells this particular film. i will say this, i was giving a three out of five and then something occurred that bothered me so much that i dropped the rating to a 2 1/2. i'm not going to tell where you it is. it happened somewhere in the film. but it really changed my feeling overall. it's the best thing he's done in a while, but nowhere near "the notebook." >> brian: you have stallone and arnold movies both doing bad, right? >> yeah. >> brian: is bruce willis going to be better? >> they're projecting 37 million for the "die hard" a. huge franchise. i heard you were having kate uptonon at 8:50. so could you give her my number? >> brian: i should keep your web
4:31 am
site quiet. >> gretchen: happy valentine's day. coming up next, ice against them. no, not the illegal immigrants. the obama administration, how our own government is handcuffing our own border agents? >> steve: plus, looking for mr. or mrs. perfect? we found mr. perfect. that's him. he's in the green room. what makes him perfect? we'll tell you. you might be perfect [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of?
4:32 am
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>> brian: chris dorner, ex cop accused of murdering four people in california and shooting others action for the first time we're hearing from the couple he held at gun point. william lajeunesse joins us live from los angeles with more. hey, william. >> brian, this is a bizarre story. remember initially police said it was a cleaning lady and her daughter who stumbled upon dorner inside that condo on tuesday. turns out it was the owner's, long-time married couple, jim and karen reynolds. they opened the door, they see dorner inside. karen too us to run. he chases her down. takes them to the bedroom and ties them up with plastic zip ties on their wrists and then puts a towel in their mouth so they don't scream. >> he came in like with a cord
4:36 am
and tied it around. >> put things over our head first. >> then tied the cord, through the mouth. >> i really thought this was the end. >> after about 15 minutes, dorner leaves, steals their car. karen rolls on to her knees, gets to her feet, and is able to dial 911 with her wrists still tied. he says, i don't have a problem with you, dorner said. basically i'm just trying to clear my name. he also did have tv and internet there the entire time. probably friday, up until tuesday. we also learned yesterday that deputies only entered those units where there was a sign of forced entry and the owners say they may have left the door open and that's how he got inside. also yesterday, learned from the san bernardino sheriff, john mcmahon, he told reporters that his officers did not intentionally burn down that second cabin where dorner sought refuge.
4:37 am
when they launched a second round of tear gas using something called a burner, it's basically a pyrotechnic canister with a very strong tear gas, that was after the first volley did not work. >> i can tell you that it was not on purpose. we did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get mr. dorner out. >> nancy dorner's mother released a statement saying she does not condone his actions and offers sympathies to those families of those he killed. back to you. >> gretchen: thanks very much for that update. >> brian: get some rest. border agents being treated like criminals. not the illegals that break the law, just border agents. chris crane says the obama administration is limiting their authority. not allowing them any input on immigration reform. >> this crumbling from within. morale is at an all-time low as criminal aliens are released to the streets and ice instead
4:38 am
takes disciplinary actions against its own officers for making lawful arrests. >> brian: the president did that executive order with the dream act. he says the illegals driving with a license to kill 700 americans a month, yet they can not be arrested unless they have priors. >> steve: there is growing concern across the pond this morning about a new sars-like virus. a third person has contracted the illness. it's the second case this week. health experts say it proves the daily infection is being spread from person to person. five people world wide have died from this virus. >> gretchen: you think tensions between politicians in the united states are high, wait until you see what happened in the country of georgia. >> gretchen: tempers boiling over, the man in the black calls
4:39 am
the other leader a, quote, jerk, rascal, and a murderer, and threatens to cut off his snake head. the man in gray responds by smashing a glass of water before punches are thrown. security quickly steps in and separates the two. i feel like i'm -- yeah. boxing match. >> brian: instead of a host, they have arthur mccanty. >> steve: that's where jerry springer does the news over there. >> gretchen: you still waiting to be struck by cupid's arrow? your perfect match could be closer than you think. >> steve: joining us right now with tips to find mr. or mrs. perfect is kristy nicen gail, the founder of perfectmatch and her client, mr. perfect is here. good morning to both of you. >> hi. >> steve: let's figure out why he's perfect in a minute. but tell us what your organization does. >> it's actually premiere match. it's an executive firm, very much like a head hunting firm. we work with clients one on one.
4:40 am
it's not web based. it's all personalized. we have a national firm and we try to put people together that are finding love and relationships in the you say firm, it sounds like a business deal. >> it's such like a business. it's a huge operation. we have about 10,000 reject sistered members in our organization and five offices across the country. so it's a big operation. >> gretchen: obviously people are looking for love on dates other than just valentine's day. >> absolutely. >> gretchen: now we found mr. perfect. what makes iain the perfect man? >> should i tell them how we found you? >> sure. >> well, there was a national dating web site that was conducting a survey and they surveyed over 9,000 women and asked them what characteristics they were looking for in a man. and there is a whole roster of height, income, education level and such. and when the survey was released, a major newspaper contacted me and they asked me if we had somebody in our database that fit these
4:41 am
characteristics. we were trying to think of who we might have in our database and thought of iain. >> steve: congratulations. >> brian: then what did you do? >> you know, i became a national celebrity overnight. i've been on about five tv shows and then newspapers certainly across new york. >> steve: what is it about that you makes you perfect, according to the 9,000 people? >> well, according to the 9,000 people, i do think that's a little bit objective. but they wanted someone with a graduate degree, women are quite choosey. >> steve: check. >> they wanted someone with an income over $150,000. >> steve: check. >> they wanted someone tall. >> steve: check. >> green eyes, light brown hair. >> steve: check, check, check. >> gretchen: one thing they didn't put on that i think a lot of people do like is the accent. >> i don't think the british accent was amongst the criteria. >> one thing they should have put on there also is the effect man, if they're searching for a relationship, is that a man
4:42 am
that's ready for a relationship. iain genuine israeli looking for a long-term relationship. >> brian: you have some tips for us. for example, or some advice. take responsibility for your lack of dates. >> yes. if somebody has been groaning about not getting into a relationship, they really should self-reflect and figure out what it is they're doing wrong. >> steve: iain, was that you? was it before? >> i think it's a question i was asking, if it's not working out, it's not the other people's fault all the time. maybe you're doing something that's not right. >> gretchen: shear a big one, reevaluate your type. do you find that a lot, that men or women who come to you think that they should be matched with a particular person, but they're not in the right, i don't know, category? i'm trying to think of the right word. >> through time, people change and they grow. i find a lot of people get stuck in this time period where they are probably not progressing with their type. they're all getting older, but their age range continues to remain the same.
4:43 am
[ laughter ] >> brian: pick up the phone and make human contact. that's what you're about. >> steve: come back next year. let's see if you're married off. and kristy nighten gail, we thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead on this valentine's day, the president wants more spending and he says it will not cost a dime. but how is that possible? we're going to talk to democratic congressman jeffries coming up next. >> gretchen: then do you buy a new pair of shoes and hide the receipt from your spouse? you're not alone. how to stop financial infidelity. coming i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th, five days later, i had a massive heart attack.
4:44 am
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4:47 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. 45 minutes after the top of the hour. despite the high unemployment rate, president obama touted his ability to create jobs during his first four years during the state of the union. >> for years of grueling recession, our businesses have created over 6 million new jobs. >> gretchen: according to fact checkers at the a.p., the president's math was off. he seems to start his job creation count when job losses were at its highest point. by doing so, ignores 5 million jobs that were lost on his watch. here with his reaction, democratic congressman jeffries of new york. joining us from d.c good morning to you. >> happy valentine's day. >> gretchen: thank you so much. the same to you. what do you make of the fact that this a.p. fact check group says that the president actually got it wrong with regard to the amount of jobs that he has created in the last four years? >> i think there have been more than 5 million private sector jobs that have been created in and there is no dispute that when the president took office,
4:48 am
we were losing jobs, hundreds of thousands of jobs per month at its worst point, the economy since the great depression. and as a result of the president's efforts and those of congress, those in the private sector, americans of entrepreneurship and ingenuity, we have begun to recover. clearly we're at a point where there is more that needs to be done and i'm hopeful that the congress will come together in a bipartisan fashion and do what's necessary to keep america moving forward. >> gretchen: when one of the themes was investments, which is another way of saying spending or stimulus. it's interesting to look at the polls when you ask the american people whether or not they are concerned about the amount of money that we're spending at the government. here is a recent poll by fox news. are you extremely concerned about government spending? 32% say yes. 31% say health care is a big concern. 30% say the economy. 29% say education. so so many people are concerned about government spending.
4:49 am
is there a disconnect here between what the american people are thinking and the direction in which the president wants to take us? >> i don't think there is a disconnect. we have to invest in the economy in order to increase demand which will generate additional revenue to help pay down the debt. it's clear and reasonable people on both sides of the aisle agree we do have a long-term debt problem in this country. we have to be prepared to deal with the fact that if we lose our ability to borrow at affordable rates, then the problem that we have now will only grow worse. the way that that needs to happen is to make sure that investors continue to have confidence in the government's ability to deal with the economic problems that we have. >> gretchen: what about cutting spending, though? it seems like we're dodging the bullet here to a certain extent. the national taxpayer union foundation used the congressional budget office figures after the speech tuesday to say that all the programs that the president talked about tuesday night would actually cost americans $83.4 billion
4:50 am
even though the president said it would not cost us a dime. >> well, we have cut approximately $2.5 trillion from the deficit over the last several years. now, we're not everywhere in terms of where we need to go. there is about another $1.5 trillion that the president would like to do. i think congress will work together to do that in a fair and balanced fashion. as it relates to the additional money that it will cost the taxpayers, that all depends on whether you forecast economic growth. if the economy grows as a result of investment, generates additional revenue, the american people will benefit. >> gretchen: let's hope it's better than the last gdp number 'cause there was no growth. let's talk about dr. carson. he spoke at the national prayer breakfast last week. there he is right there, prominent neurosurgeon in the dc area. democrats and some conservatives were upset with him talking about flat tax reform and that sort of thing during the prayer breakfast. why for the most part are democrats, though, so unhappy with dr. carson for speak
4:51 am
speaking out? >> he's a very accomplished individual and i have no doubt that he's a deeply religious and spiritual man. the problem is that the forum that he chose was highly inappropriate to lecture the president of the united states and the leader of the free world at the national prayer breakfast. if we can't come together to pray for the nation and put partisan politics aside, when can we come together and i think that is the reason why americans on both -- >> gretchen: you would have been okay with his message had it not been at the prayer breakfast? >> oh, absolutely. he has a first amendment right like every other american to articulate his vision to what's the right thing to do for the american people. it shouldn't have been done at the national prayer breakfast. >> gretchen: all right. always great to get your thoughts. thanks much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: nearly half of married couples do it, keep secrets about finances from their spouse. up next, we're putting an end to your financial infidelity, if you have it. first, this day in history on this date in 1977 "blinded by
4:52 am
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4:55 am
>> steve: are you keeping a spending secret from your spouse in according to a recent study, nearly half of all married adults admit to hiding purchases or splurging on things that weren't in the family budget. so how can you make sure financial infidelity doesn't ruin your relationships? joining us now is retail analyst, etha. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: according to the study, 56% of women and 37% of men lie to their partner about money. why so many more women lie to their husbands about money? >> well, quite frankly, we're difficult for women to talk about money with their husbands.
4:56 am
historically speaking, and i'm not advocating for this, historically speaking, money was the men's domain. so they feel like money, men are in control of the money. >> steve: i'm not going to tell them about it. >> and they have a harder time discussing the finances with their spouses and significant others. >> steve: you've got three tips. we're going to go through them. first of all, find your financial personality. everybody has got one. money avoidance, money status, money vigilante or money worship. >> so the money avoidance, for example, that's the person that doesn't even want to deal with the bills. money status, someone that equates their net worth to their self worth. money vigilante, someone who is obsessed with making sure they're on top of their money and bills. money worship, the person that's obsessed with money. that's just -- that means it's not meant to say who is good or bad. it's meant to see what page you're on with your spouse. >> steve: 'cause some people don't like to talk about it. other people like to control everything. you have got to have that
4:57 am
conversation. >> exactly. >> steve: another tip is you have to be open, have an open conversation. you got to be honest. >> right. just have that conversation. i know it's difficult for some people to say listen, we have these bills here, just be on the same page with that person. but have that conversation. communication is key. even with anything in relationships, i would think. i'm not a relationship expert, but i would think you would want to talk to that significant other about anything that's going on in your relationship. money is clearly one of those. >> steve: one of your other tips, and the final tip we're going to go into today, is you say you're going to have a weird relationship unless you put all your money together. but then on the sides, have a little slush fund. >> exactly. that's a great way to make sure that you are able to separately get your needs met if you want to go out and if you're a woman, you want to get a facial. you're a man, you want to play golf. as long as your bills are being paid and the savings goals are being met, you take whatever is left over, create the separate slush funds, divide it in half, everyone is happy. >> steve: are those new shoes? yes, they are, and i bought them
4:58 am
with my slush fund. >> exactly. >> steve: great advice. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> steve: you bet. thanks for joining us on this valentine's day. next up, three-month-old puppy thrown out of a moving car and left to die. but he didn't. joey, that's him right there in our green room, his story of survival is awesome as he chews on the props. also, michelle malkin is here. bob massi, and as if that's not enough, super model kate upton. look for perfect attendance in the studio he
4:59 am
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in two places at once. [ male announcer ] call today and get adt for less than $2 a day. helping protect your business is our business. adt. always there. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's thursday, february 14, happy valentine's day. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you have a fantastic day. we have to start with a fox news alert. valentine's day tragedy. olympic hero now under arrest. his girl friend shot dead.
5:02 am
the details straight ahead. >> steve: then the president gave his state of the union chalk full of more spending and regulations. but stay right there, michelle malkin tells us what the president got wrong. how shocking. >> brian: she's on the cover for the second year in a row. it's true. kate upton, she will be here live. what's going to be different this year? she's here to tell her story and predict ratings gold for us. >> steve: really? >> brian: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. happy valentine's day. give me some loving.
5:03 am
we get a lot of loving on the set today. >> brian: not wayne newton. >> steve: no. he was at 7:00 o'clock. >> gretchen: we've got 1-800 flowers donations here, tons of roses. the official flower for valentine's day. >> steve: some of those flowers you have to order and they come from far away, 1-800 flowers, i think you can still call them today and your local florist winds up delivering them. >> brian: he'll be sweaty. >> steve: he's going to be busy. also forget chocolates and little stuffed animals to make a really big impression today, how about the world's most expensive teddy bear? right, janis dean? >> thank you so much for the interview. this is from vermont teddy bears. this is the world's most expensive teddy bear. you know why? because it comes with this little rock right here. $30,000. you got that in your pocket? boys, that's what you want to get your loved ones and you are guaranteed a good valentine's day. so obviously my -- >> gretchen: it's not for you.
5:04 am
>> steve: very nice. >> you can get this bear by itself if you don't have $30,000. you can buy it at vermont teddy for $114, a steal! this is the big gift this valentine's day. you don't have to wait 'til valentine's day. you can buy this gift any day. >> brian: because teddy bears after teddy roosevelt, that was his size. >> you know what? my youngest son is named teddy as well. how about that? >> gretchen: that ring that you have on, i just read on the blush, that's a cognac diamond. >> you know i always wanted to be a hand model. >> gretchen: i always wants add cognac diamond. >> 30,000 clams. i don't get to take this home? >> steve: you can wear it as you weathercast. >> fantastic. how about a valentine's day forecast? look at this, this is as cheesy as it gets. cheese, nebraska.
5:05 am
lovend la, nebraska. romance, arkansas, 52. kissimmee, florida, 64. partly cloudy skies. there is your little valentine's day forecast. >> gretchen: what happened to you since 5:00 a.m? >> i had dunkin doughnuts and all sorts of sweets. >> gretchen: here comes some music. >> let's just get back to the forecast. >> steve: you're using that voice where you associate with people who are paid by the minute. >> those teddy bear commercials, you know with the pajama grams, they talk like that. >> brian: steve, so it sounds familiar? >> steve: janis dean love machine. thank you very much. >> brian: could you tell the two guests in our green room they've been canceled? we went over. >> steve: we have time for everything. >> gretchen: thank you. we do have a big developing story overnight. an olympic hero, unbelievably has been charged with murder accused of shooting his girlfriend. reports say oscar may have
5:06 am
thought his model girl answered was an intruder. there are reports 29-year-old reba was trying to surprise him for valentine's day. police in south africa interviewing him as we speak. you know who he is. he's the first double amputee to compete in the olympics was dating his girlfriend since november. hours before the shooting, she tweeted how excited she was about valentine's day. chris dorner, accused of murdering four people, we're marrying from the couple that he held hostage at gun point. karen and jim reynolds entered their cabin, surprising dorner, who was hiding out there. >> he came in like with a cord and tied it around. >> put a pillow case over our head first. then tied the cord through the mouth and tied it tight. >> i really thought this was the end. >> gretchen: dorner left with their vehicle, but the reynolds managed to call 911. hours later, it's believed he was killed in another cabin
5:07 am
which was burned to the ground. it's interesting because originally it was the maid and her daughter who were tied up. so lot of unknown facts. new this morning, american airlines and u.s. airways have agreed to merge in $11 billion deal. the agreement will create the world's largest airline. the combined carrier will be called american airlines. but run by u.s. airways management. the merger means there will now only be four domestic airlines in the united states, which means less choices to fly because that also means higher prices. "fox business" network's lauren simonetti was on "fox & friends" last hour. >> there is this reason price waterhouse compared survey that shows between the years 2004 and 2011, that's all of the mergers happened, delta, northwest, united, continental. air fare went down on average by 1%. so prices might go up a little bit on certain routes where there is consolidation, but maybe not as much as we think. >> gretchen: the new american would have more, will have more than 900 planes, 3200 daily flights and about 95,000
5:08 am
employees. australian runner getting a spot in sports illustrated swim suit issue thanks to her dance routine. that's her busting a move before every race. now the video has over 21 million views on youtube and landed her in sports illustrated. this is video of her shoot as she prepares to grace the pages of the magazine. those are your headlines. lots of swim suit models this week. >> steve: she's limber. let's go to michelle malkin. she joins us right now from colorado springs. good morning to you, michelle. >> good morning. happy valentine's day. >> steve: thank you very much. couple of nights ago the president of the united states said the state of our union is strong. but we're going to have to spend a lot of money. you don't think the president had the right message for us on tuesday night, do you? >> no. and of course, it was a retread of his message since he took office. spend, tax, exploit, blame,
5:09 am
repeat. and i think that there were a couple of points where reality just struck most people in the head where he remains in this bubble. for example, the idea that he's going to hire people to fix our infrastructure, after having squandored a trillion dollars on a stimulus that was supposed to fix our infrastructure. the solution to the last batch of failed billion dollars green energy boondoggles is more boondoggles! and then this idea, of course, that somehow now if the government and washington that are going to lead the way on innovation, we're going to have him remake every american high school and somehow establish these innovation centers that are partnerships between the public and the private after this man spent the last election
5:10 am
cycle bashing innovators and wealth creators, the people who actually have been responsible for innovation over the last 23 years, 20, 30 years, venture capitalists and people in the very industries he demonized. >> steve: rather than take a look at and do analysis, the main stream media, what do they talk about after the state of the union? marco rubio was thirsty. he's obviously disqualified himself from being president because he's thirsty. >> well, there are a lot of people who quipped is that the way the media sees it is it's a crime for marco rubio to drink water because their commander in chief walks on water. [ laughter ] >> brian: by the way, hillary clinton looked like she's running. bill clinton let that slip out to somebody. let's talk about chicago and gun violence. looks like the president is going there. the first lady went to a funeral for somebody shot between the inauguration tragically and now a lot of focus is in chicago and
5:11 am
they're going to link that with gun violence. there is a lot of guns, but it's hard for me to believe that a lot of the gangs and criminals that are shooting each other are going to be waiting for new laws to abide by. >> right. of course. the windy city, which has the strictest gun laws in the country and yet has the bloodiest death tolls as a result of gun violence. if this man wants to have a national conversation about chicago and who failed chicago, i am all ready and willing to have it. even setting aside gun control policy, look, the democrats and liberal progressives have had a monopoly on running that city into the ground, into a bloody hell hole for upwards of a century now. if you look at the top echelon of strategists, the people that run the obama administration, these are the people who have failed chicago youth and chicago families. since the time that shall --
5:12 am
time that barak obama was cutting his teeth there as a community organizer, what has happened? who has failed chicago? they poured billions of dollars into trying to rescue public housing hell holes and the chicago city schools, and even over the last couple of years they spent upwards of $30 million in state and federal taxes to try and save at-risk youth. what good has it done them? more failure. >> gretchen: that 15-year-old being shot should have been a much bigger story than it actually ended up being. michelle, we got to wrap it up there. hope you have a good rest of the week. happy valentine's day. we'll see you next week. >> you too. >> steve: if you want to read her column, who failed chicago, it's terrific. it's at >> gretchen: did you know your homeowners association can foreclose on your house? bob massi has the explanation why. plus he's answering other e-mails from concerned homeowners coming up next. >> steve: no cards, no candy or teddy bears. it's a valentine's day ban. why?
5:13 am
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>> steve: foreclosure, bankruptcy and trouble with lenders. last week in fort myers, florida, real estate guru bob massi answered many common questions from homeowners during his rebuilding your dreams seminar. bob is with us today, but he's gone home to las vegas. good morning to you. >> happy valentine's day to gretchen and everybody else. please. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. these are some of the common questions that were asked of you last week and, of course, every time people see you. first one is, why can a homeowner's association foreclose on your house? >> because in almost every state in the union, when you pay your dues, if you fail to pay, the
5:17 am
h.o.a. has lien rights, meaning they can put a lien against your property. that also means they have the right to foreclose on your property just like a lender. that happens a lot. happens in florida. as we were talking, steve, before, there was actually in very affluent areas now, lenders are not loaning money to these large homes to buy because of the h.o.a. associations. so many places are vacant, they don't want to lend money into blighted areas even in beautiful areas of las vegas, new york and places like that. so it's a common problem. >> steve: because if they're going to give you machine for a new fabulous house, but you're in a neighborhood that's under water, then they might be on the hook again. >> absolutely right. that's why they're not lending. as a matter of fact, you pointed out there was an article in the "wall street journal" just about that inform interesting stuff. here is question number two, bob: i have inherited my parents' house and i want to talk to the lender. but they won't talk to me. why and what can i do? that's a good one.
5:18 am
>> another common question last week and in e-mails i get. if your loved one dies, you're not on that deed, you're not on that loan, so the lender is reluctant to talk to you. if you have a -- if that person had a living trust, steve, and you were appointed as a successor trustee and you proved to them you are, then they can talk to you. if there was not a trust and has to be probated, you have to be appointed, authority, special administrator or administrator of the estate to have the right to talk to those people of the here is the deal, if you want that home, you're going to have to go get a new loan for that home because you're not the one on that loan. you have to go qualify. and finally, if that home is under water, you as the heir have to decide why would i want to take a home, even though mom and dad may have left it to me, why take the home? let it go to foreclosure and move on. >> steve: so it sounds like your advice is get your name on the paper? >> get appointed the authority through the courts, get an estate lawyer that does probate
5:19 am
to give you advice as to what you can do to be able to negotiate and talk with the lender. >> steve: otherwise it's just going to be a hassle. third question for today: i filed bankruptcy and i am still in my home. what is my exposure if i walk away because the bank won't deal with me at all? >> depending upon the type of bankruptcy you filed, chapter 7 or 13, if the debt has been discharged, in other words, you're no longer responsible for the payment of the debt and the lender basically has not gotten to you to foreclose on the property and you're still living in the home, you could walk away from that home. you could say i'm out of here when they decide to foreclose on it, i don't have any debt responsibility. i have no deficiency. but here is the deal, you're still on the title to that home. we talked about that a few weeks ago. one of the myself and other lawyers i spoke to in florida, they're telling the people, if you want to get out from under this title and not be responsible for property tax,
5:20 am
h.o.a. dues, get a quitclaim deed. get to the servicer, record it at the recorder's office where the home is located, and get your name off the title. it's definitely something you can do. get legal advice on this before you do it, please. >> steve: you can't just throw the keys into the living room and walk out and never come back because it's going to haunt you. >> absolutely right. >> steve: all right. by the way, if folks in tv land have housing questions for bob, e-mail him at this address right there. log on to our web site. mr. massey, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: have a great day in vegas, baby. meanwhile, next up, they never put boots on the ground, but the men and women fighting the secret drone war are now eligible for a big honor. but should they be? we're going to tell you about that. a three-month-old puppy thrown out of a moving car left to die, but he didn't, thank goodness. look at him now. joey on his way to the studio right now.
5:21 am
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>> brian: headlines now. greece's unemployment rate hitting 27% as the recession rolls on. a new study predicts nearly a third of the population will be in poverty by the end of the year. and was general john allen pushed out the door? that according to white house sources. he will retire rather than be nominated for the post of nato supreme commander in europe. officials reportedly pushing him aside because it would mean facing the embarrassing issue of the e-mails with jill kelly and the petraeus scandal. gretch?
5:25 am
>> gretchen: the unconditional love of a dog is something we can all learn from, especially when it comes from a pup with such a horrific past. last august, little joey was found on the side of the road after being tossed from a moving car and left to die. he had serious injuries and was paralyzed in all four limbs. today that's joey right there. he's recovered and is just one example of how have the love of a dog can change people's lives. joining me today is joey and the vet who saved him, dr. linda lowden. good to see both of you. >> good to be here. >> gretchen: i want to congratulate you because you are the owner now. >> yes. >> gretchen: you were his -- you brought him back to life and you couldn't leave him. >> i couldn't. >> gretchen: talk about unconditional love. >> absolutely. he's my buddy. i couldn't let him go. >> gretchen: let's bring people back to the story of joey. i described a little bit of it in the introduction. what were his injuries? >> he had three fractured vertebrae in his neck and he was paralyzed in all four limbs. he was in shock. he had multiple abrasions over
5:26 am
his back and lots of bite wounds underneath his neck that were old and infected. so he was obviously abused even before that incident. and he was in really bad shape. he was in a lot of pain. we didn't really give him a good prognosis, but we wanted to give him a chance. >> gretchen: you didn't even think he would live, much less be able to walk again. >> exactly. >> gretchen: bring us full circle now. you bring him into your home. you have to other dogs as well. he's now walking three miles a day and running a mile a at this with you? >> yes. >> gretchen: what a success story. >> yes. it's a miracle. i never expected him to recover this fully. >> gretchen: you want to send out a message to people, a lot of messages today, specifically on valentine's day about love and what other people can learn. but also the image of pit bulls, right? >> yeah. i feel that they get a bad rap. it's what people do to the breed. it's not the breed itself. it's what we make them into. and he's a great example of how they can be wonderful family
5:27 am
pets. he's my two-year-old son's best friend. they do everything together. so it's the person who takes them and trains them and loves them. >> gretchen: people can see joey's journey on the facebook page. it's a video link, a video story. >> i have a video story, but it's also a page that we do updates on him every day. there is a lot of people following it. it's an inspirational story. it gives a lot of people hope. i have a lot of people on that page who have been through some pretty bad stuff and i do gain some inspiration from the story. >> gretchen: it's interesting how on valentine's day we're talking about love and with a pet unconditional love. you feel like this story can also inspire people who have maybe had other poor progress knowses in their life. >> yeah. i feel like one of the main reasons he did as well as he did is because he never -- no one ever told him he had a poor prognosis. he didn't know his chances.
5:28 am
he had no self-doubt. and i think that if people who suffer severe trauma like this or going through something that's as severe as what yowie went through, that they can have more hope if they let go of that self-doubt and what other people tell them is their prognosis. >> gretchen: what a great message on this day of love, seen in a slightly different way, through the life of joey today. i hope that heart that he's munching on is not going to be a problem for his tummy later on. good thing you're a vet. you can check out joey's journey on his facebook page and we'll link it to our web site. what a great story. thank you so much for bringing him back. >> thanks for having us. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," she's on the cover for the second year in a roam but kate upton was the last to know about it. she's here with the story live. first, nicole petallides is live
5:29 am
from the stock exchange. what's coming up? >> good morning. we'll be taking a look at minimum wage. the president now suggesting that minimum wage should go up to $9, up from 7.25. will that be good news? will that be good for americans or will it in turn actually raise the unemployment rate? we'll dig into that coming up after the break [ emale announcer ] ready to mix things up with lean cuisine? try our entrees, snacks and new salads. wild salmon with basil, garlic chicken spring rolls, and now salads, like asian-style chicken. enjoy 100 delicious varieties under 400 calories. lean cuisine.
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5:33 am
>> steve: fox news alert. jobless numbers out and at her post, nicole petallides. tell us the bad news or the good news. >> good morning, steve. today is actually good news. 341,000 claims coming in. that beats the estimates of 360,000. overall that, is good news for now. we'll see if the futures start to improve here for our trading today. the big picture is that we're still at 7.9% unemployment. you still have over 12 million americans obviously unemployed and even more so for youth and the people who really want better jobs. >> brian: there is always something built in, one line explanation. it's holiday time. it's the kids are back in school time. boy, is it hot out. >> steve: the storm out. >> brian: what is the reason why the numbers are so good? >> they seem better here for this one. there has been so much uncertainty for these businesses and they talk about the trouble they have hiring. this could be just temporary
5:34 am
through the storm perhaps. that could be temporary hiring to fix up, clean up. >> gretchen: interesting. let's talk about something that the president proposed during the state of the union on tuesday night regarding minimum wage. he says he wants to raise it from 7.50 where it is now to $9 an hour. would that be a good or bad thing for the economy? >> well, when you talk to business owners right away they say a bad thing for the economy. as you continue to raise minimum wage, which was 5.15 back in 2007, so it really has grown expo centially, we've had on the "fox business" network, small business owner, franchise owners who talk about the fact that a, they just won't be hiring as much. b, if they have to go from 7.25 up to 9 bucks, then the $9 employees will say, hey, how come this inexperienced young worker is making what i'm making and i want a raise, too. there is a lot of things. not opening new locations would be another factor. so the big picture is that it will probably hurt business and raise unemployment when you really push the minimum wage too
5:35 am
high. >> gretchen: nicole petallides live for us down on wall street. thanks so much. have a great rest of the week. >> brian: nicole is always happy, but everyone has a reason to be happy if the numbers are good. >> gretchen: now back to our top news story today, accused of shooting his girlfriend dead. reports say oscar pistorius may have thought his model girlfriend was an intruder. spokeswoman for 29-year-old riva joins us on the phone. good morning to you. >> hi. good morning. >> steve: who are we speaking to? >> you're speaking to sarit, we represent reba. >> brian: what could you tell us about what took place in what seems to be a tragic incident? >> well, at the moment we can confirm that reba passed away. we have been in communication with people on the scene and her family all day long. the official statements, they are all over the show.
5:36 am
there is too much speculation at this moment in time of the but to give you the correct and accurate information, at the moment is not feasible. >> steve: okay. >> gretchen: we know she tweeted she was very excited about valentine's day. >> yes. >> gretchen: what more can you tell us about how -- events that led up to this? >> i can't. no one knows. we are all in shock. this caught us totally unaware. we are shocked, we're devastated. we didn't see this coming. no one saw this coming. we don't know what's going on right now. >> steve: yeah. >> we're still waiting for information to come through. >> steve: one of the stories out there is that perhaps he mistook her for an intruder. >> yes. that's one of the stories and there are lots of other stories, too, right now. as we speak, he's at the police station, undergoing tests. we don't know what's happening. it's behind closed doors right now. i think by the end of today,
5:37 am
we'll start hearing some more information, concrete information. >> brian: could you give us an idea of his state of mind when he within in? did go in willingly to the police station? >> i have no idea. i have not been in contact with him or his camp. we have been looking after reva, her family, and managing the information that's been going around the world. >> brian: when the olympics hopped off, everyone says wow, blade runner, he's going to make a big difference. he's a great spokesperson for those people who have any type of challenge with their bodies, maybe they can compete with everybody else. it became a big story. could you describe his impact for the people in south africa and around? >> he's had a huge impact. he's become and is in the process of -- he was in the process of creating a legacy for himself in this country and in the world. and that was what he was doing, with his own life. so i think a lot of lives have
5:38 am
been ruined today. >> steve: no kidding. before you go, could you us whether or not you know whether police officers had visited his house before over alleged domestic incidents? >> i don't know that. i don't. i'll be very honest -- no, i can't answer that. i don't know that. >> steve: all right. sarit, spokesperson for reeva, we thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. >> steve: sorry about the news. >> gretchen: what a tragic story and so many unanswered questions at this particular time. >> brian: even for people intimate with the case. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. u.s. troops launched those deadly drones that have been the center of controversy in recent weeks will now be eligible for a military medal. it will be called the distinguished warfare medal. awarded to individuals for, quote, extraordinary achievement related to military operations that occurred after september 11, terrorist attacks. but unlike other combat medals, the recipient does not have to risk their life to get it. defense secretary leon panetta
5:39 am
says those troops still have a direct impact on combat operations even if they're not on the battle ground. >> steve: there is upset lady gaga fans this morning. lady gaga has canceled the rest of her tour due to a hip injury. we're told the singer will actually is to undergo surgery to repair a tear in her hip joint. the pop star had 21 stops left on her born this way ball tour. i guess i got that right. i'm just unfamiliar with her tour. fans who already bought tickets will receive a full refund. there is no word what this means for her new album. >> brian: she couldn't even walk yesterday, i heard. >> gretchen: of all the cars on the road, which is the most reliable? lexus, the leader of the pack for the second straight year, according to jd power and associates. the rankings are based on problems owners report in the past year. other auto makers that received high marks, par shah, lincoln
5:40 am
and toyota. >> brian: love is not in the air at one florida high school. that's because the administration has banned valentine's day. officials say they don't want anyone to feel left out if they have no one to make out with. they also don't want flowers, they don't want bears. they don't want candy distractions. >> steve: really? >> brian: and distracting students from their education. deliveries will not be accepted and any valentine's found will be confiscated until school let's out that. is a pretty direct -- all incom practicing series of orders. >> gretchen: when you were in h did you get a delivery from anybody? >> brian: no, not really. >> steve: i remember putting shoe boxes on your desk in grade school. >> gretchen: that was so great. and you had the little slot. >> brian: or peel away stickers. >> steve: that's right. it was 27 valentine's days ago that i got engaged and it was just seven valentine's days ago that janis dean, the weather machine, announced on the
5:41 am
weather map that she was engaged to that guy. >> it was on this day. six years ago i did the math. but it was on this day i announced on the show with you, six years ago, that i was engaged to my wonderful firefighter husband who is just the best and i love him so much. happy valentine's day, honey. of course, i was 23 at the time, 23 years old. let's take a look at the weather maps because we've couple of systems we're watching across the upper midwest and great lakes. watching that really closely. a clipper system. that actually could give us a little snow across the northeast. and we also have some rain over florida today. bring your umbrella with you this valentine's day. you can see the snow flying across the northern rockies, northern plains, and the great lakes. let's take a look at that system i was telling you about. over the weekend, we'll keep a close eye on this developing low pressure center that's going to kind of give us perhaps some snow, measurable snow across the i-95 corridor. areas that have already seen in some cases four feet of snow from last weekend's snowfall. so we have to watch this very, very carefully.
5:42 am
and as the storm progresses, we're going to see a big drop in the temperatures as the jet stream going to dip southward. so you can see it's still winter. what was that groundhog thinking? we're still into winter. one last map to show you, the top four romantic cities. here they are. number one is drum roll, please, san francisco. yes. 60 degrees at 7 p.m that's eastern time. so it will be 4:00 p.m. for you. new orleans, number 2. 50 degrees today. if you're taking your honey out in new orleans to mardi gras. new york city, 38 degrees this evening. clear skies. that's great. savannah, georgia, you can see a little cloud cover. maybe a few little showers here and there. so just bring your umbrella with you. and that's your valentine's day forecast. >> gretchen: there is the voice again. >> steve: what made those cities the most romantic? >> you know what? that's a good question. i checked on-line and googled it. so maybe that's an unofficial forecast.
5:43 am
>> steve: well, everything on the internet is absolutely accurate. so i'm sure i believe it. >> right. exactly. >> brian: start with wick pedia and work your way backwards. you can come in now. straight ahead, a scandal rocking. people think they're eating beef. but it's horse meat. peter johnson, jr. have more on this? i bet you he does. >> steve: he does. then she just scored back to back covers of the sports illustrated swim suit edition. but kate upton was the last to know about it. how is that possible? she joins us live from somewhere shortly. put down that remote.
5:44 am
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>> steve: there is a scandal that is rocking europe. folks in the e.u., european union, thought they were eating beef burgers and beef lasagna, only to learn it was horse meat. so should americans be worried that that can happen here? let's talk to fox news legal analyst and a lover of beef, peter johnson, jr. >> i am. short answer is no, i don't believe that there should be any fear in america with regard to horse meat entering our system as beef. but in europe, it's a significant issue and just this morning, it's been determine that a drug called bute, used to treat inflammation and even arthritis in horses was found in meat that was considered to be beef. two issues, drug contamination from horse meat, second issue, big cultural taboo. here in the united states and great britain, we do not, we are not, we don't want to eat horse, especially if it's called beef. so when we order a hamburger, we
5:48 am
anticipate that the hamburger is beef. 100% beef. burger king over in great britain said listen, there is no problem here in the united states. and we've stopped our distributor over there where we found these practices. it's a big scandal in europe. >> steve: there are a lot of places around the world where you can order horse. in fact, here in new york city, you could order horse meat up until about seven years ago. and part of the reason people have a problem with it is you think about horse meat, mr. ed, sea biscuit, things like that, it's almost pet like. >> it is. we love our horse. black beauty, we love our horses in this country. excuse me, brian. one more second. >> hello [ laughter ] >> we love our horses in this country. and so we don't want to be eating the little ponies at the birthday party.
5:49 am
that's not a good thing. and people in britain are saying the same thing. what are you doing to us? the reason they were doing it is horse is cheaper. go to france. horse is lovely. go to china, mongolia, horse is lovely. some parts of south america and italy it's a delicacy. and allegedly, and i haven't had the opportunity to taste it, maybe on my next trip, it tastes kind of sweet. which we're not used to. >> steve: beefy. >> lot of nutrients. >> steve: given the fact that this is good news, burger king said burger king restaurants in the united states and canada are not impacted. our high quality beef patties are made with 100% beef. no added fillers or bulking agents. >> bill in congress to stop it in the united states. big debate, animal rights people say don't do it. a lot of people in the horse industry say do it because in fact, it helps protect horses from abuse. it increases their value over time and will stop abuse. but my understanding and my
5:50 am
belief is that our beef is 100% beef and 100% safe in this country. happy new year. >> steve: thank you very much. get to the meat of it. >> absolutely. >> steve: thank you. meanwhile, she makes bean coal look so good. kate upton next to dish the inside scoop on her second sports illustrated swim suit cover shoot where she's down near one of the poles. i think that's the south pole. first let's check in with martha mom callum for a preview of what happens in 12 minutes. >> everybody loves to follow kate upton. good morning, everybody. so lots coming up at the top of the hour. possible filibuster in the hagel nomination. we're getting new information coming in on that this morning. and the shocking murder of an olympic star's girlfriend. more information coming out on that as well. rand paul will be with us this morning, tucker carlson will be with us this morning. and to will i and so will bill.
5:51 am
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it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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5:54 am
>> brian: she's one of the hottest super models, but it was kate upton's abilities to battle the frigid cold that helped her land on the cover of sports illustrated's swimsuit edition in back to back years. last year being back and this year being this year. >> gretchen: kate upton joins us live now. good morning to you, kate. >> good morning. >> gretchen: what does it feel like to join the ranks of elle macpherson, pauline, tyra banks. the only other ones to have back to back covers. >> it's amazing because i always looked up to those models and now to have back to back covers like they did, it's an amazing accomplishment for me.
5:55 am
>> steve: the thing about this year's swim suit 2013 issue of s.i. is they go to all seven continents. how did you wind up pulling the short straw where you had to go to antarctica? >> i was wondering the same exact thing, especially coming from florida and i used to avoid family ski vacations 'cause i hated being cold. but i think it worked out in my favor. >> brian: you're telling me you had to brave temperatures around 20 degrees wearing a swimsuit? >> yes. the wind chill made it feel like 1 degree. so it was definitely a difficult shoot, but i never backed down from a challenge. >> gretchen: is it true that you say that you were losing your hearing and your eyesight after the shoot that day, your body was shutting down? >> yes. 'cause we shot for six days, so it definitely took a toll on me. >> steve: no kidding. >> brian: we just saw a shot of
5:56 am
penguinses running toward you. was that the reaction of most of the penguins when they saw you? >> steve: the penguins were cold. >> they're curious animals and they kept running up and trying to see what was happening, all the cameras around. you would th scared, but they weren't. they were so awkward and adorable. >> brian: also you are a -- you compete as an equestrian. >> yes. i used to show horses. >> steve: kate, tell us about how your life has changed since you first were on the cover of sports illustrated swimsuit edition last year. i would imagine each day, at least 200 guys asked for a picture with you. what else? >> well, you know, last year i don't really think i understood how much sports illustrated can launch someone's career. it's given me so many opportunities that i never thought i could have. and that's why i really appreciate having the cover this
5:57 am
year, because i can actually see what sports illustrated has done for me. >> gretchen: right. tell us how you found out you were on the cover. we understand you were one of the last to know. >> i'm always the last to know. how does that happen? but actually on friday it was leaked and i found out from my twitter. thank goodness my fans tell me things. >> steve: we did have your uncle, congressman fred upton on the program, and he, like the rest of the upton family, very proud of that girl in antarctica >> yes. he told me. he came to the letterman show right after he was on your show. >> brian: that's great. could there be a run for presidency at some point when you get a little older, 'cause your family is in politics? >> from me? >> brian: yes. >> no, i leave the politics up to him. >> gretchen: all right. kate upton, 2013 sports illustrated cover girl, thanks so much for your time today.
5:58 am
continued success. >> thank you. >> steve: she must have been cold 'cause she's in vegas today. >> brian: absolutely. >> gretchen: more "fox & friends" on this valentine's day three minutes away. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. and i was told to call my next of kin. at 33 years old, i was having a heart attack. now i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i didn't know this could happen so young. take control, talk to your doctor.
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